Customer Referral Program at Pikes Peak Acura

Here at Pikes Peak Acura we recognize that many of our clients have options when it comes to purchasing their next vehicle. As a result, we are incredibly proud and thankful that a large portion of our business is the result of word-of-mouth. To show our gratitude, we have set up a Customer Referral Program.
  • Step 1. Refer a Friend, Family Member, or Acquaintance.
  • Step 2. The person you referred to us buys a vehicle.
  • Step 3. We pay you $200 when everything is completely finished and their purchase has been funded.
  • It's Quick, Easy, and Simple
The only catch is that the person you refer absolutely MUST tell us that you referred them to us before they make their purchase. They must also give us your name and information so we can make sure the correct person is rewarded for the referral.